Collection: EPRO

Emerson EPRO is a subsidiary of Emerson Process Management, specializing in automation products and services. Established in 1984, the company is headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Emerson EPRO's product and service offerings encompass:

  1. Sensors: Sensors for measuring parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow.
  2. Controllers: Controllers for managing industrial processes.
  3. Actuators: Devices for executing controller commands.
  4. Software: Software for integrating and managing Emerson EPRO products and services.

Emerson EPRO serves a global customer base, including manufacturers, energy companies, and various industrial enterprises.

Some key products offered by Emerson EPRO include:

  1. PR6424 Vibration and Displacement Sensors: Used for measuring vibration and displacement in large shafts.
  2. CON021 Eddy Current Displacement Sensors: Used for precise displacement measurement.
  3. MMS 6120 Dual-Channel Bearing Vibration Monitor: Used for monitoring bearing vibration.

Emerson EPRO's software solutions include:

  1. Plantweb™ Asset Performance Management: Software for monitoring and analyzing industrial asset performance.
  2. DeltaV™ Process Automation System: Software for automating industrial processes.
  3. Rosemount™ Analytical System: Software for analyzing industrial fluids.